Diverse, high quality products

We provide a variety of medical products, including rigid polycarbonate and flexible PVC connectors, reducing and straight connectors, perfusion adapters, T-connectors, Y-connectors, and reducer bushings. All products are crafted with the highest possible care – we strive for a world class quality objective to our customers. We are ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered.


Our History


Continued family legacy

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As a businessman and entrepreneur, Charles Brewer Jr. (Chuck), founder of Brevet, always wanted to create a legacy of quality that future generations of his family could carry on for years.

He started his career making aircraft fittings and later moved on to manufacturing dental products out of his garage, with well-paid neighborhood kids as assistants. Chuck’s dental tools were highly respected and a big success at dental shows, but he quickly realized that he had the skills to manufacture something much more important. He decided to create single-use products that would enhance and prolong many lives.


Chuck then began manufacturing and selling high-quality polycarbonate connectors within the greater medical industry.

Aware of the value of the parts he was creating and their ability to change lives, Chuck designed the signature diamond shape that gave the company’s products their precious, jewel-like appearance and still sets them apart from other competitors today. As the company grew, he assumed a greater responsibility with the same pay to give his family an opportunity to lead, inspiring the name Brevet.

Throughout our development as an industry-leading fittings producer and contract manufacturer, we at Brevet have always kept one of Chuck’s favorite sayings in mind: “Never design something that can’t continue to be made better later on.” Now incorporating the third generation of family members at the business ropes, Brevet continues to keep an eye on the future, making innovative products that have revolutionized the medical world. We work to provide durable, unbeatable products that we hope will improve the industry for decades to come.